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Gray is the

Color of Grief © 2015


(1 session, 4-hours)


Instructor:  Felicitas, Multi-Disciplinary Artist Educator,

                                      Minister - ULC - Temple of MA


Have you ever felt an overwhelming urge to cry or a sudden sadness for no apparent reason?

Have you ever had good reason to grieve, but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it


immersed yourself in grieving so deep you felt like you couldn’t stop?

Perhaps you know someone this has happened to and you felt helpless to support them?

Class focus is on natural human need to grieve; grief and loss; grief and healing; inherited cultural grief and grief as a vehicle for change and growth.  Includes lecture, guided exercises, guided meditation, journaling and group discussion.



Dates To Be Announced  -OR-  create your own reality by arranging a special workshop experience with the instructor for your group, students or clients



Fee per participant             $55


Minimum                              4 participants

Contact Instructor:


World Tree
Poppies and Blue Bonnets 1
Dreamfields Tree
Twin Topiaries in pots with Orange Slice
Palo Verde Tree at the Nudist Resort
World Tree
Rainbow Forest
Cave Creek
Guido Returns to the Roots of the Tree of Life
Someone's Cat 1
Leaf - 1
Red Tulips
Orange Roses
Farmer's Market Fruit
Mexican Papaya
Blue Pear
Flora 2 copy
Sleeping Madonna
Nude 10
Nude 03
Ethiopian Mask
Nude 09
Nude 07
Nude 06
Lavender Womyn
Reclining Womyn
This Close And You Still Can't See Me
My Grandmothers in the Hands of the Goddess
Flora the Spring Maiden Goddess
Alpha Omega
Goddess Kunti
Wombyn Vessel - #2 in the series
Wombyn Vessel - #1 in the series
Wood Nymph
Hand of Fatima - 1
Collage 1
Red Barn
Catalina Mountains at Sunset
Samaniego Peak, Arizona
Tigers Eye
Womyn Lotus
Gaia - series No 1
Gaia - series No 2
Gaia - series No 6
Gaia - series No 5
Gaia - series No 3
Gaia - series No 4
Gaia - series No 7
Tucson City Lights
Doors 28-36
Doors 19-27
Doors 10-18
Doors 1-9
99 Bottles of....
Center of the Universe
Cloud - series No 22
Roadside Shrine
Moon Rise
Glowing Garden Goddess - 2 copy
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