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Rites of Passage are sacred life events which were ceremoniously celebrated by our Ancestors.  Rites of Passage were usually attended by the entire village or only certain members of the village, depending on the Rite.  Ancestral Rites Ceremonies publicly honored and celebrated an individual's passage to a new phase of their life; it was an intentional, conscious marking of the person's Life Line, witnessed by all.  In some remote places on Earth today, Rites of Passage are still practiced according to ancient Tribal customs and traditions.  Most  individuals living in the modern world, however, have long ago lost the Old Ways.  Rites of Passage, as embraced by our Ancestors, ceased to be practiced and passed down generation-to-generation for varying reasons; the most compelling of which were invasion, conversion and annihilation.  Some contemporary religions offer Rites of Passage within the parameters of their faith and beliefs.


Temple of MA  offers Rite of Passage Ceremonies for anyone seeking  spiritual, non-denominational Rites based in Ancestral traditions.

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Coming of Age Ceremonies


Rite of Passage Fire Initiation Ceremony for Boys Becoming Young Men


Rite of Passage First Moon Ceremony for Girls

Becoming Young Womyn

Crone Initiation Ceremony

A Rite of Passage Ceremony for Womyn who have begun to keep their Wise-Womyn blood inside.  This ceremony honors the loss of ability to create through her own physical body and celebrates the power and freedom this initiation brings to create in new ways.

Motherhood Ceremony

A Rite of Passage Ceremony for Womyn initiating into Motherhood, whether through her own body's physical magic, by adoption or otherwise.



Fatherhood Ceremony

A Rite of Passage Ceremony for Men initiating into Fatherhood, whether through his own body's physical magic, by adoption or otherwise.

Ancestor Threshold Ceremony

A Rite of Passage Ceremony for anyone standing on the threshold of the "elder generation"; moving into their parents' place-holder along the generational  lines through the loss of their second or only parent. 

New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies

From Ancient to contemporary times, the Moon has always held a particular romantic allure, as well as strong associations with Magic, Hypnotic Trance, Rituals, the Earth's water and Womyn's Cycles.

New Moon Ceremonies may include honoring new beginnings, manifesting rituals, baptisms - water initiation ceremonies, preparing for births, planting of seeds (literally or spiritually). 

Full Moon Ceremonies may include honoring completion of cycles, letting go of that which no longer serves a purpose, invoking Ancestral connections and wisdom, fire initiation ceremonies, harvesting of ripened crops (literally or spiritually).  

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